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At SLM Toyota we’re confident that our Hybrid models offer a better way to drive than competitors with conventional engines. 


For more than 20 years, Toyota have been innovating with hybrid cars. Over 10 million people have united in choosing cars that are more environmentally friendly since 1997 with the Toyota Prius. Now there are many hybrid vehicles from Toyota that are available today from SLM Toyota.

At SLM Toyota, we pride ourselves in the commitment to making our vehicles better for the environment, as well as offering multiple benefits to the customer through lower tax and petrol costs. 

For more information on the best Toyota hybrid car for you, check out our Hybrid Range page below. We have many Toyota hybrids available, all with differing designs, specifications, utilities and performances. If you’re looking for a car to swiftly traverse through the town or a large car to accommodate your family and their luggage, we have a Toyota Hybrid that can handle your demands.

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See how far you can travel in electric mode with a test drive at SLM Toyota.

What is a hybrid?

Find out exactly what a hybrid vehicle is

With so many transmissions available, it is not always easy to know what exactly a hybrid is. Find out about the complex technology behind our hybrid models here.

The benefits of Toyota Hybrids

Find out exactly how a Toyota Hybrid could benefit you

We have highlighted how our Toyota Hybrids could benefit you and your lifestyle. Discover the full range of vehicles and how they can positively impact your motoring needs.

The Toyota Hybrid Range

View our full range of hybrid vehicles

Browse our Toyota hybrid range and find the best vehicle for your needs. Whether you need extra space, a small city car our range has a hybrid for everyone.

Toyota Hybrid FAQs

Discover the answers to your hybrid questions

We know that hybird technology is complex and theres lots to find out about this intricate technology. Explore some of our frequently asked questions here.

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