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Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips from SLM Toyota

The changing of seasons can affect driving conditions and road surfaces quite dramatically and summer requires some preparation. As it gets hotter there are many changes to prepare for so that you can stay safe on the road, read our top tips below to keep safe in the coming months.

1. Punctures

Check to see if your tyres are already damaged or they're at the wrong pressure, the higher temperatures of summer will increase the risk of a blowout. You should make sure you check tyres regularly – for wear and tear as well as pressures – and increase pressures to suit extra loads - these will be on your vehicle handbook.

2. Glare

Dazzle from the sun causes lots of accidents but you can reduce the effect by keeping your windscreen nice and clean, replacing worn or damaged windscreen wipers will also help, as will keeping your washers topped up to avoid any unwanted dirt on your windscreen. It also pays to keep a clean pair of sunglasses in your car year-round but avoid lenses that darken in strong sunlight.



3. Driving tired

If you feel tired, stop and take a short nap (about 15 minutes) or drink two cups of coffee.

It’s best to avoid getting tired in the first place if you can. Follow these tips to avoid it:

  • Include a 20-minute break in journeys of more than 3 hours

  • On longer trips, take a break every couple of hours - you’re better off taking several short (at least 20 minutes) stops than one long one

  • Don’t drink alcohol or eat a heavy meal before driving

Don’t stop for a rest on the hard shoulder, and make sure you check parking restrictions before putting your head down at a motorway service area as you could get a ticket for overstaying your welcome.

4. Hayfever

If you suffer from severe Hayfever, it is best to get someone else to drive when you can. If this is not an option then the following tips will help to reduce the effects of Hayfever when driving:

  • Make sure any medication you’re taking doesn't cause drowsiness

  • Close windows and air vents to reduce pollen grains in the car

  • Clean mats and carpets regularly to get rid of dust and pollen grains

  • Keep tissues close to hand and easily accessible when driving

  • Wear sunglasses to block out bright sunlight

Above all else, drive safely and enjoy the sunshine!

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