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Spring Driving Tips

Spring Driving Tips

Spring Driving Tips from SLM Toyota

Spring is the season that could be classed as the one where weather and temperatures are different with each day. Due to this drivers are frequently left confused on which essentials they should have with them and what to keep their eyes peeled out for before taking off on their route.

Remain as safe a possible by reading our top tips below.

1. Potholes

After the winter season has passed, several road surfaces reflect the harsh conditions that have been and gone. The nuisance of these potholes is likely to have an unpleasant effect on tyres, including the likelyhood punctures. Reporting the whereabouts of these problems to the council will be a massive help to getting them repaired. Reviewing your wheels' air pressure every so often is also a must so your car remains steady on the road.

2. Sunlight glare

Whilst most of us welcome the appearance of sunnier days, they can also be responsible for a large quantity of accidents. The use of your sun visor and sunglasses will be vital to help stop the bright glare and ensure you can see clearly, even when the sun is directly in your driving path. Keeping your windscreen clean will also help you to see as clearly as possible, so make sure your screenwash is always topped up.



3. Windscreen wipers

The odd shower can still be expected throughout spring and your wipers are there to deal with them. It is important to regularly check your wipers for any sign of wear, particularly on the rubber as these will need to be swiftly fixed to avoid damaging the windscreen and ensuring maximum visability during wet weather. Also, a non-scratch material cloth to wipe away fallen blossom and tree leaves is a handy provision to keep in your glove compartment.

4. Pedestrians

As the warmer weather returns, there is likely to be an increased number of walkers, as well as people riding motorbikes or bicycles. On weekends and during school hours especially, there is a heightened chance of someone walking out into the road, either in front or behind you. Paying extra attention all around and in your mirrors is vital to avoid any accidents.

5. Animals

Spring also sees an increase in wild animals, who sometimes find themselves roaming on the roads. Some areas boast signs to warn drivers that there is likelyhood of wildlife, however it is still wise to stay alert for unexpected appearances. Keeping your headlights on when daylight begins to dip is another way to ensure you notice anything unusual in the road in good time.

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