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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips From SLM Toyota

The changing of seasons can affect driving conditions quite dramatically and winter requires the most preparation. As it gets colder there are many changes to prepare for so that you don’t get caught out on the road. Ensure your Toyota is ready for the harsh winter weather with our Winter Health Check for just £9.99* at SLM Toyota.

Read our top tips below for keeping safe in the coming months.

1. Maintenance checks

It is important to make sure your car is well maintained at all times but even more so during the winter. This includes ensuring your car battery is performing correctly, checking coolant levels are between the minimum and maximum levels, topping up your screen wash and making sure your wiper blades are not damaged or worn down.

2. Winter tyres

Checking your tyres for damage such as splits or bulges and its tread depth is extremely important. If you live in a rural area or somewhere particularly at risk of snow, snow socks will ensure greater traction and control. Changing to winter tyres is also a good idea, as they will increase your safety on the road by reducing stopping distances in wet and cold conditions, whilst also saving you money. Read more about our winter tyres here.



3. Visibility

Vision can easily be obscured by dirt and snow so it is important to keep your windscreen clean inside and out. This will also help with the dazzle from low winter sun. Switch off windscreen wipers before you turn off your car and treat your washer fluid with a suitable additive to reduce the chance of anything freezing. It is recommended to wait about 10 minutes for your windscreen to clear before driving off on a cold, frosty or snowy morning. It is also important to remain visible to other cars by turning on headlights in reduced light and ensuring your lenses and kept clean from dirt and snow.

4. Equipment checklist

It is recommended that you keep the following items in your vehicle so they can be used if needed, particularly if you are undertaking a long journey. Included should be an ice scraper and de-icer, torch and spare batteries, blankets, boots, first aid kit, shovel, atlas, jump start cables, reflective warning sign, sunglasses, mobile phone charger, food and a warm drink in a thermos.

5. Driving in snow and ice

Stopping distances are 10 times longer in snow and ice so it is imperative to drive more smoothly and slowly. Before driving off, ensure your boots are free of snow to reduce sipping on pedals and when using the brakes and accelerator apply them gently. Be aware that driving on the tracks of other vehicles will be icier than fresh snow. If you do encounter skidding, steer gently into it.

If you know that is it going to be cold the night before, put a windscreen cover on to save time in the morning.

Don't forget to ensure your Toyota is ready for the winter weather, book your Winter Health Check for just £9.99* today at SLM Toyota.  

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